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Electric Underfloor Heating Running Costs

You may have seen this phrase on our FAQ page:

'A 1KW system will cost approximately 40 pence per day, based on an average level of insulation and set on the default thermostat settings'

Please read below where we go into more detail on electric underfloor heating running costs.

Electric Underfloor Heating Running Costs

A 1kw (1000 watt) system

If you have browsed our site you may already know that we have more than just a single product.

There are many different products that can be used to heat your floor, and they each consume different amounts of power.

A standard Carbon Heating Film system will be 130 watts per square meter. This means on average a 1kw carbon heating film system will be 7.5m2 of underfloor heating covering up to a 9m2 area.

A standard Cable Mat system will be 150 watts per square meter. On average, a 1kw Cable Mat system will be 6.5m2 of underfloor heating covering up to an 8m2 area.

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The default thermostat settings

One of the variables to determine electric underfloor heating running costs is how you run the system.

When we say ‘based on the standard thermostat settings’ we are referring to our FH-01 digital, programmable underfloor thermostat and the factory settings it comes with.

The settings are as follows:
08.00 – 21 °C (Wake)
09.30 – 16­ °C (Leave)

16.30 – 22 °C (Return)
23.00 – 17 °C (Sleep)

So, at 8.00AM the system comes on at 21 °C.
At 9.30 AM the system drops to what we call a setback temperature of 16 °C.
Then at 4.30 PM the system increases in temperature up to 22 °C.
Until 11.00 PM where it maintains a setback temperature of 17 °C until the process repeats.

To conclude, on average, a 7m2 underfloor heating system (covering 9m2) that comes on for 8 hours a day at 21 / 22 °C and has a setback temperature throughout costs only 40 pence per day!

Not only are electric underfloor heating running costs low, but there are a whole host of other underfloor heating benefits you can find here.

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