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Renewable Energy Sources and Electric Underfloor Heating

This is something we are getting asked about more frequently than ever before, renewable energy can be used to run your system but there are many factors to take into consideration before taking this route.


The main renewable energy systems for producing electricity are;

Wind turbines
Solar of Photo Voltaic
Water turbines
Hybrids or systems using more than one power source

And there are two main types of system;

Grid connected systems

A grid-connected renewable energy system can reduce your consumption of utility-supplied electricity for lighting, appliances, and electric heating. If the system can't deliver the amount of energy you need, your utility provider makes up the difference. When the system produces more electricity than the household requires, the excess can be sold to the utility company. With the interconnections available today, switching takes place automatically. When connecting your Under Floor Heating to this the only restriction on how much electric underfloor heating you can run is based on the total spare power available into the property.

Off grid stand alone systems

Stand-alone energy systems can be appropriate for homes or farms that are far from the nearest utility lines or if you're looking to be come more self sufficient. These systems store the electricity produced in deep cycle batteries, ready to use when it's needed. These systems sometimes run with an integrated generator to help top up the batteries at peak demand times.

These systems rely on a power inverter to convert the DC voltage from your batteries into 230v AC that can then run the appliances like electric underfloor heating. The s size of the inverter and the system feeding it will determine the power you can have access to and subsequently the number of appliances you can run. An inverter of 5000Watts if used solely to run an Electric Underfloor heating system would allow you to heat an area of up to 40m2.